Edinburgh Anaesthesia Festival

When: 23rd to 25th August 2023

Where: Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, 11 Queen St, Edinburgh EH2 1JQ

Info & Tickets: https://eafest.org/



Every year, medical professionals from around the world converge in the historic city of Edinburgh for a unique event: The Edinburgh Anaesthesia Festival (EAF). Since its inception, the EAF has grown in stature and scope, becoming a much-anticipated fixture on the international medical calendar.

The EAF is a platform for anaesthesiologists, intensivists, and pain medicine practitioners to share their expertise, discuss recent developments, and explore future trends in these fields. What sets the EAF apart is its emphasis on inclusivity and collaboration. The festival invites participation from professionals at all stages of their careers, providing an opportunity for a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives.

One of the hallmarks of the EAF is its speaker lineup. Every year, the festival features keynote addresses from some of the most respected figures in anaesthesia, intensive care, and pain medicine. These talks cover a diverse range of topics, from cutting-edge research findings to best practices in patient care. The speakers are not only chosen for their professional achievements but also for their ability to inspire and engage audiences.

The festival also hosts an abstract competition, open to all trainee anaesthetists, intensivists, and pain medicine trainees. This competition is a highlight of the EAF, showcasing the innovative work being done by the next generation of medical professionals. Prizes are awarded for the best oral and poster presentations, offering an exciting incentive for young researchers to share their work on a prestigious platform.

But the EAF isn’t just about lectures and presentations. It’s also a social event. The festival includes a number of social activities, providing attendees with opportunities to network with their peers from around the world. These events range from welcome drinks receptions to conference dinners, creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that complements the academic rigor of the conference.

In recent years, the EAF has adopted a hybrid format, with both in-person and virtual attendance options. This approach reflects the festival’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, allowing professionals who are unable to travel to Edinburgh to participate fully in the event. Virtual attendees have access to live streams of all talks, as well as recordings and presentation slides for a year following the conference.

Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a trainee just starting out in your career, the Edinburgh Anaesthesia Festival offers a wealth of opportunities. It’s a chance to learn from the best in the field, share your own work, and connect with a vibrant professional community. So why not mark your calendar for the next EAF? It promises to be an inspiring and rewarding experience.

Photo by ABRAHAM POPOCATL on Unsplash

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