Gala Day & Pageant: Saturday 11th June 2016
Leith Festival Tattoo: Sunday 19th June 2016

Leith Festival is one of the oldest community festivals in the UK. It dates back to 1907 and initially was used as a way to collect money (The Pageant) for the underprivileged in need of medical attention at Leith Hospital (pre NHS days!!!). Leith Festival continues to honour their humble beginnings by carrying on the tradition of the Pageant.

The Gala Day is held each year on Leith Links and commands an average audience of around 12 – 15 thousand. On the day, the park is full of sound, fun and laughter with its market stall area, the soundstage, family area (where a safe environment has been set up over the years for all the children to have fun with the many children’s entertainers on offer), and other activities that happen on the day.

Leith Festival week is a vibrant and colourful affair, embracing all that the Leith community offers with a wide range of professional and amateur performers, musicians, dancers and artists. It also embraces its multi-cultural heritage.

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